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Healthy Meat and Poultry Recipes

Meat and poultry are the favorites for many. They are also very valuable sources of protein for us, along with other important nutrients. However, they can be huge in fat - introducing unhealthy cholesterol and saturated fat into your meal. You may have tempted to use higher-fat meat and poultry in your recipe, as they tend to be tastier.

meat and poultryPrior to do so, why don't you consider to have it both ways - delicious and healthy? It can be done easily just with some simple tips and tricks - select the healthy meat with less fat, and furnish them with healthy fillings. Have a look at our healthy meat and poultry recipes collection on how to do so.

This page also contains some additional knowledge for your healthy meat and poultry cooking.

White meat vs. Red Meat

You may have heard of people divide meats into two groups - white meat and red meat. Though there is no precise definition on how a meat should be classified as, whether white or red, there are some commonly agreed differences between white meat and red meat. There are pros and cons for both. No matter which meat you eat, do always remember to eat in moderation for an optimum health.

White meat

When we talk about white meat, it generally refers to meats which are lighter in color, especially compared to red meat. Poultry, pork and rabbit are some common white meat where the meats that look pale before they are cooked. An advantage of white meat over red meat is that its fat content is lesser. Another big point on white meat is that it contains lower number of calories compared with red meat. These are why most health experts would recommend white meat over red meat.

Red meat

It is commonly said that red meat comes from the flesh of big mammals, such as mutton, beef and lamb. Red meats is darker in color due to the higher concentration of myoglobin compared with white meat. Myoglobin is an important substance for muscles to utilize oxygen for sustained activities, such as standing and walking. Eating red meats are always linked to cancer, higher fat and caloric. However, red meat does contain nutrients that white meat is lack of, such as greater abundance of zinc, iron, riboflavin and thiamine. Also, red meat is a good source of protein for our muscle building.

Safety Storage and Handling of Meat and Poultry

It is important to know how to store your meat and poultry (that is needed in your cooking and recipes) correctly, to avoid contamination so that the food remains safe and healthy for consumption, and also to prolong the shelf-life of your food. Below is a guideline on how long meat and poultry can be stored based on a storage temperature of 34 F. Storage time differs depends on the temperature from your own freezer or refrigerator.





2 days

4 days


6 months

4 months

When storing meat and poultry, it is always best to store them in an air tight container. Make sure the surface is dry to retard bacterial growth.

More tips on handling of meat and poultry:

  • Be sure to wash your hand before preparing any kind of meat, or poultry.
  • Place raw meat and poultry separate from other cooking components to avoid spreading of germs.
  • Clean all cooking utensils that get hold of raw meat.

Healthy Meat and Poultry Recipes – How to make healthy meat and poultry easily?

In our healthy meat and poultry recipes collection, the recipes are well categorized based on the type of meat. Healthy chicken recipes, healthy pork recipes, healthy lamb recipes, healthy bacon recipes, or healthy beef recipes, we have them all, and there are more and more healthy meat and poultry recipes that we will add in from time to time. Just pick one from our healthy meat and poultry recipes collection below that suits your taste bud for your healthy dinner tonight. Enjoy cooking!

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