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Healthy Mango Smoothie Recipes

healthy mango smoothieHealthy mango smoothie has such a unique taste that provides a sweet, smooth, and aromatic flavor. Good mangoes are hard fruits to find, they can only be enjoyed seasonally, same goes to the healthy mango smoothie. Yet, the soft texture of mango, together with its natural sweet taste makes it a good ingredient to create a yummy and creamy smoothie base.

Health benefits of mango:

  • Mango is effective in relieving clog pores in the skin, combat acnes.
  • Mango contains iron, and vitamin C that boost the absorption of iron. Iron is good for pregnant women and anemia sufferers.
  • The phenols in mangoes have cancer-preventing capabilities.
  • Mango contains digestive enzymes that break up proteins as well as aid digestion.
  • Mango is a high calorie fruit. It is beneficial for those who want to gain weight in a healthy way.

How to make healthy mango smoothies?

Healthy mango smoothies are good blending with the real fruit. Here are some famous healthy mango smoothies recipes that you may like.

  1. Orange Mango Smoothie
  2. Carambola Mango Smoothie
  3. Mango Buttermilk Smoothie
  4. Berry Mango Smoothie
  5. Mango Lime Ginger Smoothie

Easy Healthy Recipe #1: Orange Mango Smoothie


  • Mango - 2
  • Banana - 1
  • Orange - 1
  • Pineapple juice - ½cup
  • Lime juice - 1tsp
  • Crushed ice - 1cup

Easy Healthy Recipe #2: Carambola Mango Smoothie


  • Mango - 2
  • Carambola - 4
  • Orange juice - 1cup
  • Plain yogurt - 1cup

Easy Healthy Recipe #3: Mango Buttermilk Smoothie


  • Mango - 1
  • Strawberries - ½cup
  • Banana - 1
  • Low fat buttermilk - 1cup
  • Honey - 2tsp
  • Crushed ice - 1cup

Easy Healthy Recipe #4: Berry Mango Smoothie


  • Mango - 1
  • Frozen blueberries - ½cup
  • Frozen strawberries - ½cup
  • Soy milk - 1cup
  • Almond - ¼cup
  • Crushed ice - 1cup

Easy Healthy Recipe #5: Mango Lime Ginger Smoothie


  • Mango - 2
  • Fresh grated ginger - 1tsp
  • Lime juice - 2tsp
  • Low fat milk - 1cup
  • Crushed ice - 1cup


  1. Peel and cut mango into chunk. Same goes for banana and orange. For carambola, remove the edge and slice into pieces .
  2. Place the mango and the other ingredients into a blender.
  3. Blend thoroughly until smooth.
  4. Serve.

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Suggestions and Variations:

  • Add more ice cubes when blending if you want to have a thicker smoothie.

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