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Healthy Drink Recipes

Healthy drinks, which made up of  mostly water, is a very important part of any healthy meal plan.

Why is water an important drink to us?

Water is of major importance to the survival of all living things. For an adult human, up to 60% of our body is water, which meets the very important role maintaining our body functionality and health. Drink water is necessary to digest our food, transport nutrient around the body, and control our body temperature. Throughout the day long activities, our body loses water through urine, feces, sweat and exhaled air. Unlike camel, our body do not store water. This is why we need to have regular drinks during the day to replace water lost from the body through drinking and from the foods eaten.

Even so, most people don't want to drink just plain water. You may enjoy it more with a little added flavor by mixing water with some healthy ingredients. And at the same time, you get more nutrient!

Healthy Smoothies - The Delicious and Easy Nutritional Drink

healthy smoothiesWe know that eating vegetables and fruits are essential for a good health. But what if you or your kids simply don't like normal vegetables and fruits? Try fruits or green smoothies instead! The basic of a smoothie drink is just blending together mixture of fruits and/or vegetables with healthy and yummy liquid base. Low-fat milk and yogurt are usually the preferable choices for smoothie liquid base. They can be many more add-ons and healthy flavoring such as oats, peanuts which make your healthy smoothie taste better and even healthier with more nutrients. Blending of healthy smoothies do not need a long time, they are so easy and simple to make. They require just a bit of ingredients preparation beforehand.

So, what do you need to prepare yourself, or your family a healthy smoothie drink?

  • A strong blender or food processor, or you may have a professional smoothie maker
  • Vegetables or fruits, preferably frozen for better taste
  • Your smoothie's liquid base, basically is low-fat milk, or yogurt
  • Optional ingredients and flavorings, such as dates, raisins, peanuts etc

Now, you can make your own healthy smoothie drink. Check out the healthy smoothie recipes below and choose one to try out!

Easy Healthy Smoothie Drink Recipes Collection

  1. Easy Healthy Mixed Fruit Smoothie Drink Recipes
  2. Easy Healthy Banana Smoothie Drink Recipes
  3. Easy Healthy Strawberry Smoothie Drink Recipes
  4. Easy Healthy Blueberry Smoothie Drink Recipes
  5. Easy Healthy Mango Smoothie Drink Recipes
  6. Easy Healthy Kiwi Smoothie Drink Recipes
  7. Easy Healthy Tropical Smoothie Drink Recipes
  8. Easy Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Drink Recipes
  9. Easy Healthy Green Smoothie Drink Recipes
  10. Easy Healthy Yogurt Smoothie Drink Recipes

Other Easy Healthy Drink Recipes Collection

  1. Healthy Soya Bean Milk Recipe

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