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Healthy Blueberry Smoothie Recipes

healthy blueberry smoothieBlueberry posses natural sweet taste that makes it so suitable as your healthy smoothies ingredient. It is a good substitute to sugar for a healthy smoothie. Not only blueberries taste good, they have a great health benefits too.

Health benefits of blueberries:

  • Blueberries are very rich in antioxidants including anthocyanin, vitamin E, vitamin A, B complex and more help to boost up your immune system, as well as anti-aging.
  • Blueberries inhibit the growth of certain bacteria along the inner-wall of our urinary tract, prevent infection.
  • Blueberries are found to slow down visual loss and delay all age related ocular problems.
  • The anti oxidative properties of blueberries prevent degradation of brain cells and neurons.
  • Fiber in blueberries help to prevent constipation.

How to make healthy blueberry smoothies?

Here we have a few healthy blueberry smoothies combinations for you to try out.

  1. Blueberry and Yogurt Smoothie
  2. Pear Berry Smoothie
  3. Blueberry Nut Smoothie
  4. Mint Cheer Berry Smoothie
  5. Chocolate Berry Smoothie

Easy Healthy Recipe #1: Blueberry and Yogurt Smoothie


  • Blueberry - ½cup
  • Banana - 1
  • Low-fat yogurt - ½cup
  • Crushed ice - 1cup

Easy Healthy Recipe #2: Pear Berry Smoothie


  • Ripped pear - 1
  • Frozen blueberries - 1cup
  • Lemon / lime juice - 1tsp
  • Cashews - ¼cup
  • Ice cubes - 2

Easy Healthy Recipe #3: Blueberry Nut Smoothie


  • Frozen blueberry - 1 cup
  • Raw cashews - ½cup
  • Almond milk - 1cup
  • Dates - 6
  • Crushed ice - 1cup
  • Water - 1cup

Easy Healthy Recipe #4: Mint Cheer Berry Smoothie


  • Frozen blueberries - 1cup
  • Large banana - 1
  • Frozen cherries - 1cup
  • Lemon / lime juice - 2tsp
  • Chopped fresh mint - 2tsp
  • Crushed ice - 1cup
  • Water - 1cup

Easy Healthy Recipe #5: Chocolate Berry Smoothie


  • Blueberries - 1cup
  • Plain yogurt - 1cup
  • Sugar free chocolate syrup- 2tbs
  • Crushed ice - 1cup


  1. For dates, pit and soak. For pear and bananas, cut into pieces.
  2. Place all the ingredients into a blender.
  3. Blend on high for a few tens seconds until the mixture becomes smooth.
  4. Serve for drink.

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Suggestions and Variations:

  • You may chopped some blueberries into small pieces and add them into the finished smoothie to enjoy more on blueberry taste.
  • Add more ice cubes when blending if you want to have a thicker smoothie.

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