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Healthy Cakes and Desserts Recipes

Cakes and desserts may not sounds healthy for you, as the traditional cakes and desserts recipes are often loaded with fat, sugar and calories. Fortunately, there are lots of healthy substitutions nowadays to help you to make over those recipes into healthy ones. Eating cakes and desserts as part of a healthy diet is no longer a problem. The best way is to make your own cakes or desserts, so that you can know exactly what's in them!

Here are some tips for you to make your healthy cakes and/or desserts:

  • Fresh fruits make great cakes and desserts. Fruit has natural sugar that you won't need sweetening in your recipe. Moreover, it's a good way to add in the fruits nutrient in your diet. Fruit puree is a good choice to replace sugar in your cakes or desserts recipes.
  • Look for organic, wholesome ingredients for truly healthy recipes.
  • If you needs butter, especially when baking cakes, use real butter, or try replacing butter with lower calorie products such as olive oil.
  • Beware of soft margarines as many of them are full of hydrogenated vegetable oils, which our body cannot recognize and do not deal with properly.

healthy cakes and desserts

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